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Ep. 33: A Celebration of Rest

Season #3 Episode #33

This episode is centered around rest. “Rest” is not usually something you find on someone’s list of things to celebrate, but Dr. Renee and Dr. Cristina sit down to discuss exactly why the right amounts of rest, in the...
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Ep. 32: Creating a Home for Us

Season #3 Episode #32

This episode is centered around home. Whether an actual physical home or a community that makes you feel at home Dr. Renee and Dr. Cristina touch on how to find your place of belonging, operate from a place of...
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Ep. 31: You have a right to celebration

Season #3 Episode #31

This episode is all about celebration! Dr. Renee and Dr. Cristina have a lot to celebrate, so join them in shining light on jaw-dropping achievements, exciting news, and new opportunities for growth and...
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Ep 29: A Raw Conversation on Queering and Reclaiming Our Sexuality

Season #3 Episode #29

In this episode, we discuss our own sexual journeys and the fluidity of sexuality as we age particularly as it relates to our sexual preferences. Join us for a a very raw conversation about sexuality, gender...
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Ep. 28: Making Space for Latinx Books with Fabian Flores Publishing

Season #3 Episode #6

We are inviting Norma back onto the show. She previously came onto the show to talk about her article on colorism in the family. Norma is a first-generation American and a Sagittarius. She is an attorney by trade and...
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Ep 27: Synastry Astrology Readings with Esoteric Esa

Season #3 Episode #5

In this episode, we interview Esoteric Esa, an astrologer, numerologist, and creator of an oracle deck. We are doing a reading with her. We have each recently had individual readings with her, and today we are getting...
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Ep 26: Conscious Children's Books with Aida Salazar

Season #3 Episode #4

Aida Salazar is a writer and arts activist. She is a mother, and she has been writing for children. She recently published The Moon Within about a young girl who is about to get her first period. She also just...
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Ep 25: Natal Chart Readings

Season #3 Episode #3

We are talking about spirituality today. We have discussed spirituality in the past, and we see that spirituality is often defined within the context of religion or white supremacy. As we go on the journey of finding...
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Ep 24: Reflections On Our Retreat

Season #3 Episode #2

We went on a retreat away from our families. There was tequila, self-love, and lots of laughs. We hadn’t seen each other in person for months because of COVID after being used to seeing each other every day. So it was...
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Ep 23: We Are Back for Season 3

Season #3 Episode #1

It is September 2020, and we are in season 3 of the podcast. We are going to kick off this new season with a chat about our lives and our future plans for the show. We start out with some updates on the beginning of...
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