Las Doctoras are available for Guest Speaking Opportunities

We are acclaimed radical influencers, podcasters, writers, and Latina intuitive healers. We are Creative Partners in the Las Dras Podcast, Book Club, Sacred Writing Course, and Saint Lunita Magazine and reclaiming our ancestral cultures, creating spaces to heal from the generational trauma of white supremacist, patriarchal capitalism, while living into liberating practices. We are the writing witches tucked away in a library deep in the forest, inviting others to reclaim their own magic along side us. We can create virtual workshops for your University, Organization, Workplace, School, etc.

Book Las Doctoras to Speak

We can speak with authority on:

  • Feminist Scholarship: Chicana/Latina/Filipina History
  • Healing from Gendered Violence
  • Writing as a Method of Healing
  • Reclaiming Ancestral Knowledge and Spiritual Practices
  • Decolonizing Spirituality/Social Justice and Spirituality
  • Decolonial Parenting Practices
  • Celebrating Menstruating and Birthing Bodies
  • Social Justice
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Femtorship in and out of Academia


If you are interested in this offering, please email us atΒ [email protected]