Ep. 28: Making Space for Latinx Books with Fabian Flores Publishing

Season #3 Episode #6

We are inviting Norma back onto the show. She previously came onto the show to talk about her article on colorism in the family. Norma is a first-generation American and a Sagittarius. She is an attorney by trade and she started to write during her time as a stay at home mom. She was driven by a mission to share the stories of brown women raising their children. 

After she published an article in the New York Times she started thinking about the power of representing her community through story, so she is starting a LatinX focused publishing house. In this episode, we discuss steps that we can take to cultivate better quality representation of LatinX stories and how to work through challenges the system presents to this mission. 

15:02 - Reflections on 2020 as a year 

24:00 - Cultivating quality representation of the LatinX community by building our own platform 

34:55 - How the industry gatekeeper are silencing so many voices 

40:23 - Stories being silenced before the writing process even begins 

45:05 - Norma’s vision for her publishing house and her overall work 

47:13 - How community can support the creation of new infrastructures that work for everyone 


Norma’s previous appearance on the show 

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