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Ep. 22: Fatphobia & Diet Culture with Monica Hernandez

Season #2 Episode #22

In our last episode for our body politics series we explore the topic of fatphobia and diet culture with professor and scholar Monica Hernandez. We talk about how we often learn fatphobia in our families, and how it...
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Ep. 21: Mindful & Intuitive Eating with Amanda Sauceda

Season #2 Episode #21

In this episode we continue the conversation about body politics. We interviewed Amanda Sauceda of @guthealth.nutritionist. We explore the world of diet culture and the vicious cycle and toxic relationship to food it...
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Ep. 20: Learning to Love Our Bodies (Body Politics Series)

Season #2 Episode #20

In this episode, we talk about our relationship with our bodies. Our most vulnerable discussion yet, we dig deep and uncover some childhood wounds that had a lasting impact on the ways we see our bodies and how we...
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Ep. 19: Podcasting in the Time of Covid-19

Season #2 Episode #19

Here we are in all our rawness, coming to you from the middle of this pandemic. Trying to survive, to make sense of it all, to find hope, and continue our struggle for social justice, what more is there to say?
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Ep. 18: Representation Matters- Our Thoughts on American Dirt & The Halftime Show

Season #2 Episode #18

This episode hear about our updates, how we survived Mercury Retrograde, Full Moon in Pisces and illness. We are deep in our feelings, and using this platform as a therapeutic outlet. If you bear with us for about 20...
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Ep. 17: Parenting with Nonviolence with Latinx Parenting

Season #2 Episode #17

In this episode we talk with Leslie Arreola Hillenbrand and Lizeth Toscano of Latinx Parenting. Our conversation brought up so many topics including generational trauma, mother wounds, gender roles and more. We shared...
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Ep. 16: Healing Generational Wounds with Semillas de Las Abuelas

Season #2 Episode #16

In this episode you hear us talking about how much healing writing this book has already brought us, and how healing is a part of our intention in writing this book. It might seem like it's only a collection of...
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Ep. 15: Shame, Money & Student Loans

Season #2 Episode #15

We get real in this conversation about our relationship with money, and our debt. We reveal the real amount of student loans we owe, and deconstruct the systems of power at play not only in our debt but in how we are...
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Ep. 14: Our Updates for Season 2

Season #2 Episode #14

In this episode we discuss our updates, what we’ve been up to over the summer, and many of the accomplishments we have achieved. One of the biggest being our feature in Oprah Magazine. We originally planned for this...
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