Ep 27: Synastry Astrology Readings with Esoteric Esa

Season #3 Episode #5

In this episode, we interview Esoteric Esa, an astrologer, numerologist, and creator of an oracle deck. We are doing a reading with her. We have each recently had individual readings with her, and today we are getting a deeper insight into the soul work we do together. 

We are getting a synastry reading, meaning that we are having our two charts compared to each other. Esa does this for couples, business partners, friends, and any two people who want a deeper understanding of their relationship. 

In This Episode: 

18:03 - Our team style as the doer and the dreamer 

25:00 - The fifth house connections and how they strengthen our friendship 

31:14 - Diving into our shared Chiron sign 

40:20 - Our shared midheaven placement and what that means for our shared professional life 

49:00 - A brief forecast of the upcoming year 

Resources Mentioned

Writing Course starts on Jan 31 

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