Ep 24: Reflections On Our Retreat

Season #3 Episode #2

We went on a retreat away from our families. There was tequila, self-love, and lots of laughs. We hadn’t seen each other in person for months because of COVID after being used to seeing each other every day. So it was so beautiful to come together and share this experience with each other.

In this episode, we talk about our experience on the retreat, and some reflections on how taking time away from our families redefines motherhood, moving away from capitalist, patriarchal narratives into something more healthy for ourselves and our families.

In This Episode :

8:04 - The format of our retreat working with Silvia Boreo

13:00 - The inner-bonding methodology that Silvia uses in her retreat holding space for Latinx communities

16:27 - Different aspects of the self you can connect with using inner-bonding

18:00 - Breaking through the negative stories we tell ourselves and finding the truth

21:09 - Redefining motherhood, moving away from patriarchal and capitalist conditioning around parenthood

34:07 - Raising anti-capitalist, empathetic, and compassionate children while still living in a supremacist and capitalist world

45:37 - Creating a safe space to feel together and cry together

49:10 - Decolonizing healing and creating community

1:04:46 - Conversations we plan on having in future episodes

Resources Mentioned

Woman Who Glows In The Dark

Nannies, Sex Workers, and Maids

Marla Sanchez - Decolonizing Homeschooling

Latina Mothers Collaborative

It Feels Good To Be Me

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