Ep. 31: You have a right to celebration

Season #3 Episode #31

This episode is all about celebration! Dr. Renee and Dr. Cristina have a lot to celebrate, so join them in shining light on jaw-dropping achievements, exciting news, and new opportunities for growth and connection. 

  • Dr. Renee and Dr. Cristina kick off this episode by celebrating the sold out Sacred Writing Course and all that it has created for them and their community. In creating the spaces they need for themselves, they’ve held space for so many amazing women to connect to the sacredness of writing, express their creativity, feel empowered, and heal. If you’re interested in enrolling in the Sacred Writing Course, you can join the waitlist and hold your spot for the Fall session by sending an email to: [email protected] 

  • Something else Dr. Renee and Dr. Cristina are celebrating is their magazine, Saint Lunita! With all the support and investment they’ve received, they feel like they have created an incredible community hub with all types of powerful contributions, including art, essays, book reviews, and ancestral messages. This is truly a childhood dream come true! Visit the magazine here: www.saintlunita.com 

  • Calling all CPAs, tax preparers, and lawyers! As Las Doctoras grows and expands, they’re looking for more people to join their team. If you’d like to offer your services, shoot them an email!

  • Dr. Cristina received the 2021 Catherine H. Jacobs Outstanding Faculty Lecturer Award at CSUDH! We’re hoping she uses the prize money to treat herself to something nice…

  • Dr. Renee reads and reflects upon the incredible review she received from the Women & Gender Studies department at Cal State. The work she does is who she is and it’s making an international impact. “To be seen by our departments, by our universities, for the work that we do… it’s just beyond,” she says.

  • Dr. Renee bought a house!! This is also a childhood dream come true and it means so much to her. Even though it was an emotional rollercoaster, she says, “The reason I was able to do it was because I didn’t have to pay my loan for a whole year.” That’s one result of the pandemic that’s worth celebration! 

  • Dr. Cristina’s son will be going to a forest school! This is a major mom win for her, even though not everyone is super supportive of it…

With all of these milestones being reached, what has come up for them is that it’s not always easy for family and friends to be 100% supportive of their decisions and achievements. “It’s kind of coming back to what we were talking about before, like why we weren’t always sharing our podcasts. There’s this sense of legitimacy, like, “What is legitimate success?”… I think we are very much creating our own idea and version of success.”

If we operate from a scarcity mindset or a mindset of being unsafe, it can be difficult to celebrate even the biggest wins in life, especially other people’s wins. If we can celebrate ourselves and each other, we can lift each other up and feel safety and joy more often. 

Don’t wait for the other shoe to drop. Shine light on the false narratives and stories you’re telling yourself that aren’t serving you so that you can move beyond them. 

You deserve to see your childhood dreams come true just because you exist. You have a right to celebration. You have a right to feel successful. Other people’s ideas of success and celebration may be different than yours, but if you want to celebrate, go ahead and celebrate! Have the audacity to pursue your dreams, break the systems, change the f*cking world, and relish in it.

“For us, it is unpacking a lot of this stuff so that we can sit in the celebration and be present with it.”

What do you want to celebrate today?

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