Ep 23: We Are Back for Season 3

Season #3 Episode #1

It is September 2020, and we are in season 3 of the podcast. We are going to kick off this new season with a chat about our lives and our future plans for the show. We start out with some updates on the beginning of the school year, thoughts on everything that has happened this summer, and some intentions we have moving forward with this next cycle. We are beginning a new phase of our work. Things are evolving, new opportunities are coming forward, and we are excited to have you along for the ride.

In This Episode:

2:17 - Reflections on the summer

5:15 - How the Tower card in the tarot can help us understand 2020

9:46 - Finding joy in the chaos as we move into autumn

17:56 - Holding space for our students and our kids through going back to school online

26:29 - Experiences with the Las Doctoras book club and our plans for autumn

40:23 - Our intentions and our spiritual growth

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