Ep. 54- Dismantling Diet Culture with Dr. Hortencia Jimenez

Season #5

Wow!!!! In this episode we speak with our new amiga Dra. Hortencia Jimenez. She is a Chingona academic, breaking all the barriers, and dismantling diet culture. She talks with us about her academic journey, and all the struggles she faced to get where she is at today. Then we dive into a deep convo about our own relationship to diet culture, how it's a biproduct of colonization and white supremacy. And we also discuss how we can support our children in their own journeys with health, and body image. Such a healing convo. Please learn more about Dra. Hortencia Jimenez:

IG: @drhortenciajimenez  

Website: https://hortenciajimenez.com/

Dismantling Diet Culture Podcast