Ep.51- Can I Speak In A Way That Honors My Dignity?: Decolonizing NVC & Family Constellation Therapy

Season #5

In this in-depth conversation, Renee and Cristina interview their friend Meenadchi, author of Decolonizing Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and faciliator of Family Constellation Therapy. Listen in to hear Las Dras share their own journey into NVC as well as hear Meenadchi's own story medicine. This episode brings up our parents, mother, ancestors, and children as we seek to answer the question "Can I speak in a way that honors my dignity?" This conversation addresses situations when non-violent practices involve walking away. And, together we arrive in self trust knowing that we can focus on our healing and joy and trusting that it will have a ripple effect in our families. Contact Info for Meenadchi: https://www.meenadchi.com IG: with.meenadchi- https://www.instagram.com/with.meenadchi/ Offerings: https://www.meenadchi.com/personal-family-constellation https://co-conspirator.press/Decolonizing-Non-Violent-Communication