Ep. 10: Femtorship with Lucha Arevalo & Jovita Murillo Leon

Season #1 Episode #10

In this episode we interview Lucha Arevalo and Jovita Murillo Leon, two fellow academic mujeres doing amazing work in education public policy and public health respectively. This is our 10th episode and therefore thought it would be nice to return to the discussion we had in our first episode about our own academic journeys. In this first half of the interview with our guests we talk about the importance of mentorship or as Lucha calls it “femtorship.” We also discuss our intentions and investments in academia as grounded in our love for our communities, and in our feeling of responsibility to give back to those we can mentor. Jovita and Lucha each talk about the obstacles they had to overcome in their navigating the often toxic space of academia, and how their research speaks to their own experiences in higher education. This was such an amazingly fruitful conversations we decided to break it up into episodes. Take a listen and meet these brilliant mujeres.

Shout out to Lucha for defending her dissertation and graduating with her PhD. Felicidades Dra. Arevalo

Amazing quotes dropped in this episode:

“I don’t have to prove myself to anybody” - Lucha Arevalo

“I don’t want my life to be determined by my traumas” - Lucha Arevalo

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Lucha Arevalo- @laluxasigue

Jovita Murillo Leon- @jovitamurillo