Ep. 43: Strengthening Your Money Mindset with Nathalia, aka Mom Money Boss

Season #4 Episode #43

Today, Dr. Renee and Dr. Cristina sit down with money coach Nathalia, known to most as @mom_money_boss on Instagram to talk all things money and financial freedom.

  • From budgetingto generational wealth, Nathalia wants to be a powerful voice in her community, many members of which lack the mentorship and resources to grow their money mindset and leave a legacy to their family. This hits especially close to home for her as she also had only recently been on a journey to pay down her student loan and $18,000 of consumer debt.

  • “A budget doesn’t mean deprivation,” says Nathalia. You can still live a great life while having boundaries around your spending. It all starts with setting your goals and priorities, then slowly eliminating the things that don’t serve those goals and priorities

  • Everyone is on a different stage of the money mindset journey. You have to meet yourself where you are. We all have our own unique money triggers that can be traced back to the way we were raised. Uncover those money memories and really try to pinpoint the emotions that you tie to those memories. That is the first step to untangling your identity from those memories and forging a better financial future for yourself.

  • Finally, despite her impressive grasp of the world of finance and investing as a whole, Nathalia wishes to understand how colonization, patriarchy, and the like have an impact on the relationship that many minorities have with money.

“I’m very conscious of the fact that we’re not on a level playing field,” says Natalia. From creating an emergency fund, to opening an IRA, to navigating taxes, to investing in real estate, Nathalia hopes that, through the Mom Money Boss brand, she will be able to make a positive impact on the wider community.

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