Ep. 45: Holding Our Politicians Accountable and Creating a Better America with Anna Lily

Season #4 Episode #45

Today, Dr. Renee and Dr. Cristina sit down with friend, political advocate, and fellow teacher Anna Lily. The three share an inspiring message of change and daily action, encouraging us to go beyond visualizing a utopian future and start creating a system of liberation today.

  • To kick things off, Dr. Renee, Dr. Cristina, and Anna Lily go through a lightning round of fun questions around how they would do things if they were President. The questions include: “Who would you have on to sing the National Anthem?”, “Which book would you swear on at your inauguration?”, “Who would be your poet laureate?”, “What is the main theme of your inaugural speech?”, “Who would you name as your cabinet members?”, “Who would be your presidential bruja?”, and, “Who would be your presidential fashion designer/stylist?”

  • After the rapid-fire questions, Anna Lily talks about her upbringing—being raised in a family of evangelical conservatives—and how Trump’s election became the turning point for her political convictions, inspiring her to campaign heavily on the ground for Joe Biden.

  • Dr. Renee and Dr. Cristina assure Anna Lily that she isn’t a “coward” for stopping herself from having political conversations with family members whose beliefs don’t match hers. The three then discuss how to set boundaries and discern the line between having such conversations and keeping politics off the table when it comes to both family and friends.

  • Finally, Anna Lily and our co-hosts attempt to predict what to expect for the rest of the year when it comes to Joe Biden’s presidency.

While politics is obviously important, Dr. Renee, Dr. Cristina, and Anna Lily believe that change starts in our own neighborhood. We need to ask ourselves: How do we hold our politicians accountable after leaving the voting booth? And of course, how do we show up in our own communities? We’re a long way off from a truly liberated America—but as with any big vision for change, it all starts with us.

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