Re-Writing Our Diosa Narratives

Wednesday, June 28, 6-8 PM PST

Our beautiful feminine deities have often been written from a patriarchal perspective meant to be weaponized against us, meant to perpetuate oppressive narratives about women and femmes. We are lucky to have Chicana/Latina feminist foremothers who gave us permission to re-write these narratives to be more empowering and healing. We are creating a space to re-write our own Diosa narratives, to find healing in the stories meant to silence us. 

We take back our stories, we take back our power!

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On-Demand Workshops

Writing with the Moon

Pre-recorded Workshop

We dive into our cycles and their connection with the moon. Our moons, our energy and the energy of cycles including seasons, parts of day, seasons of life. We are playfully stepping into space together asking how can we use these cycles, again our cycles, to empower our writing.

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Writing Our Dreams

Pre-recorded Workshop

Let’s dream into liberation. How can we use our dreams to tell our stories? Do you record your dreams? Dreams journal? Do you fall asleep with intention? This workshop will dive into our dream life and the beauty and the intimacy of our sleep and subconscious.

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Writing for Pleasure

Pre-recorded Workshop

We’re talking those spaces where our natural hormones took over. The oxytocin. The pleasure hormones. The juicy stuff. And yes, we are talking vulva power too, bitches. Join us in this powerful hour of tapping into pleasure and writing.

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This Sacred Writing Journal will be serve as your guide and template to help you along your writing journey and help you to reclaim your written voice.