Dr. Cristina Rose

QWOC Feminista-Artivist-Pin@y-Muxer-Traveler-Survivor

Dr. Cristina Rose is mother, an artist, a full time lecturer in Women’s Studies at CSU, Dominguez Hills, and a co-host of the Las Doctoras podcast. Grand-daughter of Priscilla of New Mexico and Concepcion of Cebu, Cristina works to explore and integrate these multi-cultural, Earth-based epistemologies in the podcast and in her research, writing, and family. Siya received her PhD from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, and her dissertation is an ethno-autobiographical celebration of her Muxer-Pin@y ancestry that brought together her academic and creative writing as well as her artwork all from a feminist and decolonial lens. Cristina is a VONA (Voices of Our Nation’s Arts) sister and has publications of pieces such as “Sacred Heart of Mango” and “mumbling of prayers (at the basilica of la virgen)” in spaces as distinguishable as Regeneración Tlacuilolli, Label Me Latina/o, and Verses Typhoon Yolanda. Admittedly, since home-birthing her child, Jaguar, which radically shifted her life as well as gave her a much deeper understanding of self-sovereignty, her manuscript entitled Becoming a Woman of Color: A Travel Memoir has been on hold. Still, siya’s proud to say siya read her seminal chapter “Things You Need to Breathe Underwater” - about scuba-diving in her lola’s homeland - at a Lonely Planet event last year.

Cristina is a Virgo sun, Gemini rising, Aquarius moon; siya is the eldest child in her family, is a first generation college student, identifies as queer she/siya, tries to meditate daily, and really wants to live on sailboat (again). Siya also loves being a profa at CSUDH; currently, her favorite course to teach, which siya had the honor to create, is “Witch in Literature and Culture.” Readings in her classes highlight the writing of maestras in Cristina’s life including Ana Castillo, Cherrie Moraga, Sandra Pacheco, Elenita Strobel, and Faith Adiele. She gives gratitude for these muxeres as well as her abuelitos.



Fuego, inspire and energize us to do the necessary work, and to honor it as we walk through the flames of transformation.

May we seize the arrogance to create outrageously soñar wildly — for the world becomes as we dream it.

— Gloria Anzaldúa