Ep.5: Dr. Cristina's Flow & Birth Story

Season #1 Episode #5

In this episode you will here Dr. Cristina share her Flow and birth story. Her story is so powerful in that she is so vulnerable in telling us so much about what was going on in her life that was impacting her relationship to her flow. Her story culminates with the birth of her child, and concludes with Renee and Cristina discussing the importance of these stories. We reflect on wanting to normalize positive birth experiences, and how much this idea play a part in the work we do. You will learn so much about Cristina and she should be applauded for her raw vulnerability in bringing her story to light.

In reflecting on the story of my relationship with my body and my moon cycle (period), I realize that I can clearly see a distinction before and after I turned 30. At 30, I moved into a home and farm with other women; I was a part of women’s circles regularly; I began a PhD program in Women’s Spirituality. I believe that I can thank, in particular, the wisdom I gained from women of color birth community as well as in my own experience giving birth. It has been a long, labyrinthine journey to be real, and reflecting on the journey brought up a lot of sadness and anger for me. I know I am not alone, and I share my story in the hopes that it encourages our listeners. Body awareness and moon celebrations are a part of my life now, and my community inspires this in me!