Ep. 6: Semillas de Las Abuelas Book Project with Carolina Adame & Marlha Sanchez

Season #1 Episode #6

In this episode we talk with Carolina Adame and Marlha Sanchez, our collaborators on a book project we have been working on titled Semillas de Las Abuelas. Our discussion of the book project leads us into a broader conversation about the legacy we want to leave our children, and the ancestral gifts we want to pass on to them. We talk about our personal investments in being a part of this project, and what talents we offer. We also describe the book as a collection of practical tools and resources with the intention of creating rhythms in the home that honor the seasons, the earth, and our ancestral traditions. It includes recipes, craft ideas, stories, ceremonies, holidays, celebrations, basically a how to book for Latinx families interested in earth based living and rhythms. Ultimately we see the book as a means by which to document all those traditions that have been passed down to us often through oral storytelling, so that we can ensure it gets passed onto future generations. We hope this book will help other Latinx families with the same intentions. We will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in April 2019 and hope you will help to support our project.

Carolina Adame


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Semillas de Las Abuelas Book Project

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