Ep. 42: Creating Space for Our Creativity to Shine

Season #4 Episode #42

Creativity. It’s a huge part of our lives, and one that Dr. Renee and Dr. Cristina believe we all need to have more conversations around. Today, the two specifically zoom into priming our entire being to embody creative states. Believing that creativity requires everything in us—body, mind, and soul—in order for us to express it fully, Las Doctoras encourage us to see creativity as a holistic process that is just as powerful as a tool for meditation as it is a tool for productivity.

  • Most of us think of creativity as a completely heady, utilitarian process. But if we allow creativity to stay in our heads, we experience those “blocks” and, eventually, burnout. We need to learn to step back and create ceremony around our work instead of obsessing over the actual doing of that work. Before writing, Las Doctoras like to meditate or simply move their bodies as a “warmup”, paving the way for flow.

  • We decolonize our writing as we learn to step back and stop treating ourselves like a well-oiled machine every second of every day. This helps us release old messages and step into a new way of being.

  • Dr. Renee and Dr. Cristina used to take artwork for granted. Understandably, our go-go-go culture conditioned us into thinking that art is a waste of time. They found, however, that doing art allows them to focus, integrate, and process. In fact, the growth they experience from doing art positively influences their work!

  • Finally, Dr. Renee and Dr. Cristina invite us to name our process. Admit and embrace the fact that you need more space to doodle, more space to dance, more space to relax, so that you can get those creative juices to flow easier.

We need to create spaces for us to create, to dream, to visualize. We need to stop thinking of these activities as things we’re only supposed to do during our “downtime”, or on the weekend. Ultimately, once we embrace our process, life—including work—not only becomes so much more fun, but so much more fulfilling. And what’s more important than that?

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