Ep. 46: Embodying Your Healing Journey Through Human Design with Elyse Preston

Season #4 Episode #46

Today, Dr. Renee and Dr. Cristina take the opportunity to analyze their Human Design Charts with life coach Elyse Preston, the founder of Be More Connected. Listen in as our hosts—both Emotional Generators—learn more about themselves and each other through this unique window into the soul!

  • When you look at a Human Design Chart, you’re essentially looking at a map—a blueprint mapping out the strengths, gifts, and essences that your soul chose to support you in tapping into your highest potential. The areas filled with color are the qualities which are innate to you: the things that your soul specifically chose. The open, white spaces are those qualities which you are more susceptible to conditioning from the outside world.

  • Your Energy Type is your biggest and broadest category of energy. It’s important for us to know our Type because it’s our relationship with how we’re most optimally designed to exchange energy with the world around us.

  • There are nine Centers in Human Design: Head (inspiration), Anja (awareness and conceptualization), Throat (manifestation via speaking and doing), G (self, love, and direction), Heart (ego and willpower), Spleen (immune system and intuition), Solar Plexus (emotional wave), Sacral (life force and sexuality), and Root (adrenaline and stress).

  • The difference between a Gate and a Channel is: A gate is a reflection of a particular energy that is coming out of one of the energy centers. Two open gates make way for that circuitry which blends two different energies together.

Everyone is on their own healing journey. To intellectualize the journey is one thing; but, to embody it is another. In fact, to authentically share the process can be healing in itself. Understanding the language of Human Design gives you the tools to validate your experiences, and even embrace all of those experiences—whether you previously perceived them as “good” or “bad”—as assets rather than as flaws.

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