Bruja Summit 2022

4-day Free Event for Decolonizing Brujeria:
Reclaiming our Ancestral Wisdom from Spiritual Colonization

This event is already done but you can access the Virtual Summit Recordings by purchasing them!


Bruja Summit 2022

4-day Free Event for Decolonizing Brujeria:
Reclaiming our Ancestral Wisdom from Spiritual Colonization

This event is already done but you can access the Virtual Summit Recordings by purchasing them!


Why attend the Bruja Virtual Summit?


Spirituality is more than just about love & light



Decolonization of our spiritual practices is social justice work



A Destigmatized understanding of brujeria, curanderismo, and ancestral healing practices



A Path toward reclamation of their own ancestral spirituality

The Speakers

Carmen Sima

Clairvoyant Psychic, Ayurvedic Practitioner 

She comes from a Mayan lineage of "seers" and utilizes her intuitive channel to bridge the realms of existence and connects people with their spirit guides, ancestors and guardians.

Christy Lendechy


A Bruja out of Compton, Ca

Erika Buenaflor


As a modern-day curandera, she utilizes her vast experience in curanderismo, and knowledge of ancient Mesoamerican shamanism to reveal how this sacred wisdom can help us to heal holistically, and also inspires clients to realize and live their BLISS.


Traditional healer, Creator of Indigemama and Indigescuela

As a holistic womb counselor, complete wellness coach, traditional birth attendant, and foundress of Indigemama: Ancestral Healing, her goal is to support, educate, inspire, and gently guide her clients and students.

Michelle Mojica

LCSW, Ancestral Practitioner

Michelle's medicine is Bridging the gap between Western Mental Health and Indigenous ways of healing, in order to guide BIPOC find their inner strength, by connecting to their roots, to release what no longer serves them, and move from a place of uncertainty to self-empowerment.

Lisa Martinez

Practitioner of Curanderismo

Lisa is board certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, an unlicensed Psychotherapist registered with the State of Colorado and a certified NADA Acu-Detox Specialist. She is a student of La Maestra Clarissa Pinkola Estés and has attended many years of her trainings via the Archetypal and Cross-Cultural Studies Institute.

Rochelle Sugawa

Psychic & Spirit Educator

She believes that healthy connection to Spirit is crucial to healing self, loved ones, community, and the world. It is her mission to help folks overcome colonial, capitalist, patriarchal fears and stigmas around spirituality so they can reclaim and embrace their innate connection to Spirit.

Stephanie Arcayena and Imee Dalton

Podcasters & Multidimensional Creatrixes

Imee, a mother, Kali teacher & warrior and Stephanie, a health coach & emerging therapist teamed up their multidimensional creatrix powers, and launched a globally recognized Filipinx-American decolonization podcast.

Yvette Montoya

Bruja, Healer, Journalist

Yvette is a SoCal native, a medium, a cannabis enthusiast, and green bruja who is equal parts content creator and writer. Her writing covers a variety of topics, anything from spirituality and politics to beauty and entertainment.

June Kaewsith

Life Doula, Storytelling Coach

June facilitates private coaching and group masterminds for women and people of color who are seeking clarity in their messaging and confidence in their speaking so that they can grow business from a place of alignment.

Vanessa Codorniu

Seer, Healer, Soul Biz Coach & Creatrix of The School of the Healing Artes

Vanessa Codorniu, known as The Biz Bruja, is an acclaimed ancestral healing activist, astrologer and teacher of clinical hypnosis, energy medicine, intuition and international healing practices with over 20 years of experience and more than 12,000 sessions.

Biany Perez

Intuitive Coach, Tarot Practitioner, Holistic Psychotherapist, Brujx

Biany Pérez, LSW, M.Ed (she/they) is a Bronx-born Queer Black Latinx holistic psychotherapist, intuitive somatic coach, wellness consultant, tarot nerd, energy practitioner and podcaster.

The Schedule

Day 1

Speaker: Erika Buenaflor

Topic: Reclaiming Meso-American Indigenous Practices

Curanderismo, reclaiming ancestral practices, questions about brujeria.

Speaker: Stephanie and Imee

Topic: Bruha: Identity

Connecting FIlipoinx diaspora across all generations, colonization of anecstral practices, influence of Catholicism.

Speaker: Lisa Martinez

Topic: Defining and Reclaiming Curanderismo

Curanderismo, reclaiming ancestral practices, questions about brujeria.

Day 2

Speaker: Vanessa Codorniu

Topic: Business of Brujeria

Colonization of ancestral/indiengous spirituality, business of brujeria as ancestral gift, money wound healing.

Speaker: Rochelle Sugawa

Topic: Bruhas, Capitalism, and Spirituality

Capitalism influence on towards our attitudes toward spirituality, catholicism and spirituality, fear and stigma against brujeria.

Speaker: June Kaewsith

Topic: Your Story Medicine: Entrepreneurship as Sacred Activism

Money, pleasure, spiritual ancestral.

Day 3

Speaker: Yvette Montoya

Topic: Health, Wellness, and Brujeria

Balancing absorbed energies, spiritual hygeine, brujeria fostering wellness and health.

Speaker: Christy Lendechy

Topic: Destygmatizing Botanicas

Fear and Stigma, Business, and Online Scammers.


Speaker: Michelle Mojica

Topic: Decolonizing Mental Health as Holistic Healing

Decolinzing mental health, bridge the gap between western and indingeous practices, holistic healing.

Day 4

Speaker: Carmen Sima

Topic: Grounding Practices for a Safe Witchery

Shamanism, grounding practices and safe witchery, brujeria and seasons.

Speaker: Biany Perez

Topic: Intersectionality and Brujeria

Integration of spirituality in work, divination practices as ways to heal, queer and decolonized lense.

Speaker: Panquetzani

Topic: Bruja Motherhood: For Future Generations

Womb healing, money wound, bruja mothering.

Speaker: Verónica Iglesias

Topic: Healing Through Archetypes

Ancestor healing, Relational violence, The jade oracle.

Your Hosts


Dr. Renee Lemus


Dr. Cristina Rose


Las Doctoras

are acclaimed radical influencers, podcasters, writers, and Latina thought leaders. We are Creative Partners in the Las Dras Podcast, Book Club, Sacred Writing Course, and Saint Lunita Magazine.
We are reclaiming our ancestral cultures, creating spaces to heal from the generational trauma of white supremacist, patriarchal capitalism, while living into liberating practices.

Our liberation magic is a mix of Merlin, Water Mercado and Frida. We are academic brujas creating revolutionary spaces outside the walls of the Ivory tower to cast spells, read the ancient texts, and tell our stories. We are the writing witches tucked away in a library deep in the forest, inviting others to reclaim their own magic along side us. We make this magic as an offering to our ancestors, to those who will come after us, and for the change we wish to see in the world.









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